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Renting a School Bus

If you would like to rent a school bus, research the internet ("school bus rentals + your local city name") or check your local yellow pages under "buses".  Not all school bus companies are legally permitted to accept non-school charters.  Those that are permitted to do so, generally solicit business through your local yellow pages.

Your Child taking a School Bus

If you would like your child to start taking the bus to school, please contact the local school board or school bus company in your area.

How to Become a School Bus Driver

Submit an application directly to the local school bus company in your area.  Research the internet or check your local yellow pages for a complete list of school bus companies. Click here for more information

OSBA Publication Orders

PLEASE NOTE:  OSBA can only process publication orders received on the applicable order form(s) submitted by scan/email, fax or hard-copy (mailed or dropped off).  Phone orders cannot be accepted.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  For assistance, please contact or 416.695.9965 Ext. 2.  Thank you.


If you have a complaint regarding a school bus, school bus route or a school bus driver, please contact the school board/transportation consortia and/or bus company directly in your area. Be prepared to provide the date/time of the occurrence and the name of the school bus company as it appears on the side of the bus.  OSBA is always concerned about safety in the school bus industry, however, for specific day-to-day school bus operational issues, you must contact the local school board/transportation consortia or bus company as these types of service issues lie outside the association role and mandate of OSBA.

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