"Schools Out" Greeting/Note Cards

These cards are based on the original painting and limited edition prints done by Johannus Boots (specifically for OSBA), these greeting/note cards sized 8.5"w by 5.5"h are great to use for any occasion, as they are blank inside. To order these greeting/note cards, please complete an order form at the following link: 
"Schools Out" Greeting/Note Cards and scan/email to info@osba.on.ca or fax to 416.695.9977. 

PLEASE NOTE:  OSBA can only process publication orders received on the applicable order form(s) submitted by scan/email, fax or hard-copy (mailed or dropped off).  Phone orders cannot be accepted.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  For assistance, please contact info@osba.on.ca or 416.695.9965 Ext. 2.  Thank you.

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